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Super Mario Run: The Marketing Behind the Fun

Nintendo is not a new company by any means. Since opening in 1889 as a playing card company, Nintendo has always been a marketing superpower and a leader in video games. The newest addition to the Nintendo family is a Super Mario game entitled “Super Mario Run”. The Super Mario game is not a new concept, but this game will be available as a mobile app.

This app is an unexpected and unique approach for Nintendo, as they usually carve their own path. When Nintendo released the DS in 2004, it was nothing like any other gaming device. In the case of Super Mario Run, Nintendo will be competing in a market of over 2 million different apps.

Many people are not surprised with the company’s decision to release the app. Earlier this year, the release of the Pokémon Go app took the world by storm. The app quickly became the most downloaded app in history, and commanded a record audience of 45 million daily players.

What better way to spread a message and market a company that has been in business for years than making it the talk of the town again?

Super Mario Run officially launches on December 15th for Apple iPhone and iPad users. Android users will be able to access the app at a later date. Nintendo is, however, offering players to stop by their local Apple store as of today to try the game before it’s released.

Nintendo is also using the release of Super Mario Run to appeal to the world. Apple sold its billionth iPhone this summer, leaving the app available to every user. This app will not only boost sales, but it will introduce new people and the younger generation to the company, as well as its iconic worlds and characters.

This app serves as a perfect lead up marketing strategy for Nintendo’s next move. In March, Nintendo will be launching a new system, the Nintendo Switch. This gaming system is similar to other consoles, in that it can be connected and played on a television. The difference is that when a player needs to walk away from the room, they can disconnect a piece of the console, revealing a portable gaming device. The player can then seamlessly pick-up where they left off in the game, and continue playing. This portable device features a stand that can connect to controllers enabling multi-person games to also become portable. More information about the Nintendo Switch will be released on January 12th.

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