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How Millennials Can Be Using Social Media to Advance Their Careers

Are you a millennial struggling to find a job in your field? In this new digital age, millennials are always being criticized for their addiction to their mobile devices and their never-ending obsession with social media. Many parents of millennials feel these social platforms are merely a distraction, what they don’t know, however, is how social media is actually  beneficial. Nowadays, social media platforms are a key resource when it comes to finding, getting, and even keeping a job.

If you were born between the years of 1980-2000, you are part of the first generation to grow up with the internet. The internet has become ingrained in your daily life and you are probably guilty of always being online and connected. Millennials have mastered the online world and every social media platform there is. They can use this expertise to their advantage and leverage their social media accounts to help them get jobs and advance in their careers.

Millennials are still fairly young. They’re at that stage in life where they are thinking about their future, especially in regards to their finances. While millennials often use social media to communicate with friends for social and leisurely purposes, what many of them may not know is that the online universe offers a variety of opportunities to further their careers. Growing up with the reliance of the internet, millennials are very comfortable using these social channels to interact, make connections, participate in online conversations, and share information with others.

Keeping this in mind, millennials should use social media platforms to focus on long-standing relationships by providing value to their connections. Find opportunities to make your social interactions all about your connections! You never know, publishing valuable content and sharing it with your connections may be wise in the long run. Based on the content you create, you’ll be remembered for how valuable you are if there ever comes a time when they need someone for a new venture or job.

Having trouble landing a job interview? Try creating professional social media accounts on platforms like Linkedin and Twitter. Becoming visible on the right channels and connecting with the right people will help get your name out there and help you get noticed. This is a great way to leverage your connections and past experience to help you land the job of your dreams.

Be consistent and post meaningful content. Your personal brand is reliant on the content you produce. When pursuing a career, your personal image is stronger if you have established content on the web to show. Remember relevance is important online. If you aren’t consistent and don’t show up online often, it will be easy for you to be overlooked and forgotten. Therefore, posting and engaging with your connections constantly will increase your following.

Lastly, be smart with what you post online. Content lives online forever, so beware of the topics you discuss, what you post, and what groups you’re involved in. Going forward and following these easy steps, you’ll see how easy it is to make social media a powerful resource in landing a job.

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