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Benefits of Using Snapchat for Your Business

New to the world of Snapchat? Snapchat is a popular mobile app that allows you to communicate with your friends via 3-10 second picture and video snippets, which quickly expire once they are viewed. Snapchat is the fastest growing social network to date and the number of users only continues to grow. With the platform’s undeniable success, it’s hard to believe it launched only five years ago!

Snapchat has grown over the years. Businesses are also finding a way to take advantage of this growing trend. Are YOU thinking about using Snapchat for your business? If you’re still not convinced, take a look at how Snapchat can increase your business.

Increase Brand Awareness

With over 10 million active users on this platform, this means that there are 10 million different opportunities to build awareness to your brand! Most businesses today are only present on Facebook and only a mere 2% are present on Snapchat! This is a great chance for your business to take part in this niche as a creative advertising tactic and a way to stand out.

Contests, Promotions, & Perks

Furthermore, as a business you can use Snapchat to advertise! Since Snapchat stories must be viewed within 24 hours before they expire, businesses are using this as an opportunity to share exclusive promotions and perks to their followers. With the introduction of Snap Ads that play in between stories, the opportunities to advertise on Snapchat are endless! From contests, promo codes, and discounts, there are a number of ways your business can take advantage of Snapchat’s expiring content!

Increase Engagement

Snapchat is also a great tool for connecting with your customers. With the introduction of geo-filters, face filters, and customizable stickers, companies are finding ways to take their creativity to a whole other level. Take a photo with a company brand as the geo-filter, or make a short video with your face as their product, either way, the more customers use it, the more brand awareness and engagement your company will receive!

Provide Exclusive Access To Live Events

Lastly, Snapchat provides an inside scoop to everything surrounding your business! Companies are taking advantage of this to show behind the scene footage, give customers a first look at product launches, and exclusive views of trade shows. Retail stores have taken this approach and have shown their customers previews of their new arrivals before they even hit the stores! This was also popular during New York Fashion Week where Snapchat allowed you to see a sneak peak to everything backstage and even provided live footage of the runway!

Snapchat can be used a number of ways. Stay in the loop! With Snapchat, since it’s posted live and expires, you never even have to worry about scheduling content ahead of time! What are you waiting for? Think about incorporating Snapchat into your marketing strategy today!

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